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We Repair Roofs Throughout Central Florida

Asphalt shingles roofs can last about 20 years while slate and tile roofs can last more than 50 years, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. All homeowners wish their roofs would last forever, but there are times when you must consider repairing your roof to protect your home and to prevent further damage. A leaky roof can cause ceiling damage. It can lead to cases of mold and mildew affecting the health of your family. Leaky or damaged roofs can also lead to higher utility bills and can even compromise the structural integrity of your Central Florida home.

Then there are the high winds, hail storms and hurricanes we experience in Central Florida. When your Florida home or business has sustained roof damage as a result of high winds, hurricanes, or exposure to the elements, the sooner that you address the problem, the better. There’s nothing to like about a leaky roof! If it is safe, and you are able, take preventative steps to secure the compromised area with Tarps to avert further damage and buckets to catch any falling water.

Assessing Damage

The first step in fixing your roof is getting an accurate assessment of the damages. This evaluation includes a comprehensive appraisal of the condition of the roof. Shingle roofing, flat roofing, and metal roofing are all prone to breakage in adverse weather conditions.

Depending on the scope of the damages you have several options for roofing repair.

Get The Ball Rolling On Your Repair

General Repair – If the damages to your roof are primarily cosmetic with little or no underlying deterioration, a general repair like patching the area fixes the issue quickly and cost-effectively. After all, there is little reason to replace an entire roof if there are just some light damages that can get repaired rapidly and affordable.
roof repair in Central Florida
Roof Replacement – If your roof has sustained significant damages or you just want to upgrade your existing roofing system, you might want to consider a Roof Replacement. A roof replacement ‘resets’ your roof, restoring it to “like new” condition. Costs for roof replacement vary, based on the materials used, the square footage of the roof, and other factors. Shingle Roofing is the least expensive type of roofing material, but with exposure to rain over 100 days each year and hot sun the rest, the weather puts it to the test. Metal and Flat roofing are other options, but may not be applicable for use on all building types.

Once you learn what options are available to you, you can decide which repair is best for you. Depending on the situation surrounding your roof repair, some or all costs for repairs might get paid by your Insurance Company.

At XLR8 Roofing & Construction, we do all types of roof repairs. No job is too big or small, we do it all! Call today 833-GET-XLR8.

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