Asphalt Roofs

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Finished roof with asphalt shingles

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The Most Popular New Roof Option in Central Florida

Roofs made of asphalt shingles are the most popular option for new roofing installations in Central Florida and around the country. Why? This type of roof costs less than slate, tile or metal roofs. They are also easy to install ( cut, size and fit ) and come in a myriad of sizes and colors.

There are several drawbacks you should be aware of as well. They don’t typically last as long as metal or tile roofs. A typical residential asphalt roof reaches lasts anywhere from 15 – 25 years. They are also more susceptible to heat, moisture and wind damage. But if you’d like to save time and money, asphalt is the way to go!

At XLR8 Roofing in Sanford, our teams have successfully completed hundreds of new roof projects using asphalt shingles – from Kissimmee to Orlando to Melbourne. Our dedicated roofers and we are proud of our reputation helping Central Florida homeowners save time and money by exercising this option for their ‘tear off’ job (new roof).

As our customer, you’ll just be asked to sit back and relax while we work on your project. Still, it may be helpful for you to understand the steps that are involved during the project.

Roof Prep Phase

A typical asphalt roofing installation will require a pallet of asphalt shingles. In most situations, an average house in the Orlando – Melbourne area is large enough for two full shingle pallets. After the supplies are ordered, a delivery crew will place everything on a spacious spot on the ground. If this isn’t an option, the crew could arrange the materials on the roof.

Because reroofing tasks are very time-consuming, help will be needed along the way. The process of completely upgrading your roof should be ‘stress free’, as our crews have all of the tools that are needed to complete traditional roofing projects.

Our teams of highly trained, experienced and professionally licensed roofers know how manage our roofing projects successfully; on time, on budget and meet and exceed specifications. XLR8 Roofing knows what it takes because our crews have completed new shingle roofs all around Central Florida: From Deltona to Melbourne, Sanford to Kissimmee. Each of our professional teams include:

  • A dedicated crew chief
  • Seasoned roof mechanics
  • A minimum of two (2) roof workers

The crew chief’ss main role involves managing the rest of the team throughout the project from start to finish. As our workers arrange all of the supplies, we scout the perimeter for fragile items that can possibly cause damage during the process. If we find something that is at risk, we simply relocate the item to a safe location on the property.
Asphalt shingled roof

Construction Considerations

When the construction phase begins, our workers remove the old shingle caps by prying the material off the roof. This is the ‘tear off’ phase. This is a very time-consuming process, as each shingle must be detached individually. Upon removing the old asphalt shingles ( or other type of material ) we remove the waste and toss it into the dumpster.

At this point, our roofers can begin laying the new shingles on the roof. There are 2 types of shingles – laminated shingles ( aka “architectural” shingles ) and three-tab shingles which consist of a single layer. In order to ensure proper drainage, our workers place metal near the eaves. When higher pieces are lapped over lower components, water typically drains more efficiently.

If you’re trying to renovate your roof within a certain time span, you can dramatically speed up the shingle removal process by choosing our company. We use commercial-grade demolition tools, which are designed to get rid of old shingles in a timely manner.

As seasoned roofing technicians, we also implement other procedures to prep a roof for updated asphalt shingles. For example, we’ll replace inefficient sheathing to strengthen the foundation on a roof, and our crew will also fill in missing shingles with properly measured replacement shingles to give a roof curb appeal.

These are the general steps that a crew must take while tackling a new roof project using asphalt shingles as the core material.

If the shingles on your Central Florida roof are starting to show noticeable cracks, are losing a lot of their sand granules, or are curling up or looking old and dried up, then chances are it’s time to consider updating your roof.

And if you want to avoid long prep routines and complicated construction tasks, you’ll benefit from using XLR8 Roofing. We make the process of enhancing your roof easy by providing free quotes on all residential roofing projects in Central Florida. Our licensed crews are professional, dependable, licensed and insured. We proudly serve our friends and neighbors in Volusia, Orange, Brevard, Flagler, and Seminole counties.

Call us today for a FREE quote on your reroofing project(321) 363-3871.